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Argentina Harvest 2019

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Over the next month, I will be posting articles on my immersive 'Harvest 2019' experience with Zuccardi in the Uco Valley of Argentina. I hope to provide an inside look at the processes - both viticultural and enological, focusing on the technologies and decision-making and vintage specific adjustments that goes into harvest decisions.

As one of the most advanced producers in the region, the Zuccardi's employ a world-class team to produce wines of exceptional quality, but perhaps even more importantly, wines that express their unique terroir. To do so, controlled ripeness, moderate extractions and a deft use of oak/limited exposare to oxygen during elevage (aging) are the name of the game here. To this extent, the team uses the most modern of technologies - from satellite imagery to electromagnetic soil conductivity - as well as tapered concrete fermenters, indigenous yeasts and larger volume, used oak barrels.

To learn more about Zuccardi, click on the link below:

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